Dr. Thomas Holm

Viernes 30 de noviembre 2018, 13:00 hrs. Auditorio “Antonio Rodríguez” Módulo E CUCEI


Dr. Holm got his Master of Science in Materials Science in 2012 at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and got his PhD in Electrochemistry from NTNU in 2016. His PhD work focused on method development in electrochemistry with a focus on high-temperature aqueous electrochemistry and ac (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and more) techniques. After acquiring his PhD, Dr. Holm had a one-year Post.doc at University of Victoria in Canada under the supervision of Professor David Harrington. He continued to pursue his interest in ac techniques and high temperature electrochemistry. Currently, Dr. Holm is a postdoctoral fellow in Professor W. Merida’s lab at University of British Columbia (UBC). His main topic is high temperature water electrolysis, but he also has projects on ac techniques, photoelectrochemistry, CO2 reduction, and chemical CO2 capture.

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High-temperature Electrochemistry and Impedance techniques