Introduction to polysaccharide characterization and their physicochemical properties, Dra. Marguerite Rinaudo

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  1. Introduction to natural polymers and biopolymers
  2. Main characteristics of biopolymers
  3. Solubility and purification. Method of purification. Role of H-bond network & aggregation
  4. Water soluble polysaccharides and polyelectrolyte properties.
  5. Chemical structure of polysaccharides (chemical analysis, NMR…). Introduction to semi-rigid polymers and persistence length. Determination of MW and Lp from SEC and LS.
  6. Solution and conformation of polysaccharides. Viscometry and dynamic rheometry. Intrinsic viscosity. Influence of MW, concentration, shear rate and ionic concentration.
  7. Physical Gels based on cooperative interactions
    7.1 Structure of junction zones
    7.2 Mechanisms of gelation with one and two polysaccharides.
  8. Processing and applications of few polysaccharides: hyaluronan, chitosan, alginate.



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